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 why are there random lines across my comp. screen?

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MessageSujet: why are there random lines across my comp. screen?   Mar 2 Aoû 2011 - 2:34

I have an acer aspire 4730z that the screen is busted on. It will run an external screen in safe mode?my laptop stops suddenly?"Friends of Friends" albums, question?what software do i need to buy to make this video? <a href=;u=16472>What are coding specifications in relation to a website design?</a> refluks leczenie ziołami What is the best MSI re-packager out there preferable FREE!!?lol I need help with twitter...?TO BON-GART..I HAVE JUST NOW CONTACTED MY SERVICE PROVIDER?Am I overloading my PC's memory slot?How do I sort a range of cell from A16 to A65536 in "descending order" using VB code in Excell 2003?Increasing brightness on Final Cut Express?How do I make a Group on the new facebook? wrzody żołądka i dwunastnicy <a href=>Dieta refluksowa</a> dieta wrzodowa What is a great number pad that is compatible with a macbook?How do i have domain api configuration on my website?Anyone know about this Dell Laptop from Wal Mart (N4030-223b3d)?Is There a Game making Tutorial or Guide for Blender?[/url] Are there any good social domain thingys?Microsoft sql server 2008?How can I see files that start with $ in Windows Explorer? Where can I download Oxford genie for Windows 7 for free?How do you do activities on SocialVibe?I put Applications in the Trash in MacBook Pro. How do I get it out without deleting it?
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why are there random lines across my comp. screen?
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